CRM: A Beginner’s Guide

What is a CRM?

A CRM, or “Customer Relationship Manager,” is a one-stop shop to efficiently organize client data, leads, and communications. With an integrated CRM system, complicated spreadsheets and databases are a thing of the past. Every division of your business will be up to date in real-time with access to all calls, texts, emails, invoices, form fills, and meeting notes in one place. With a CRM, a lead or client can be serviced at any time or place with secure, cloud-based contact access. Don’t let your spreadsheets and antiquated databases slow down the growth of your business. A CRM is here to do the heavy lifting. 

How can a CRM help my business?

A business can only be as happy as its clients, and an effective CRM puts effective client communication at the forefront. Every detail of a lead or client is consolidated in one location for ease of access and communication between all divisions. It is a cinch to access all calls, texts, emails, invoices, form fills, and meetings notes in one place. 

A robust CRM will allow all employees to support any lead or client easily. No one is left out of the loop, and no detail goes unnoticed. The client can’t help but be impressed when the entire team has access to all pertinent data. A high-functioning CRM offers unmatched authority and dependability to client relations.

What does a CRM do?

When a business starts out, they often utilize a client spreadsheet and an email marketing tool. This structure immediately obstructs workflow since a company must volley between at least two interfaces to complete any given task. This lack of integration leaves room for discrepancies in data. Without an integrated system, the client’s information is in a game of phone tag. A business must hope that the end results reflect the initial data collected. A CRM removes that variable.

As a business grows, the relationship with its client base does too. Regardless of the goods or services offered, a growing business will need to connect all elements of its brand across multiple platforms allowing for continuity of image and service. A client will want the same level of customer service whether they are contacting a business through their website, social media, or sales platform. A CRM keeps all divisions of a business – marketing, finance, sales, etc., in the loop.   

Why should I dump my spreadsheets and switch to a CRM?

At its core, a CRM is a highly developed contact management system. Spreadsheets may have been practical with a limited client base, but the dynamic data available with a CRM creates a streamlined workflow, which frees up precious time for any business. 

Today we know that the more analytics we collect, the better a business can identify, support, and retain a client. A CRM allows room for rapid growth in a company. A CRM generates additional insight into each client with great detail. These valuable insights include which links are accessed, what emails were opened, and so much more. With this data, a CRM can assist in prioritizing leads, such as : hot, warm, or cold. These streamlined efforts help you find the best clients to generate the most revenue at any given point.  

Depending on what type of a CRM you utilize, you may have access to your database through the cloud. When that is the case, your CRM will allow for secure and accessible information wherever your business takes you. The dynamic data available with a CRM gives real-time insight into the multitude of connections a single client or lead can generate. 

How can a CRM grow my business?

Inefficiency directly impacts the health of a business. A company should spend time on the next great idea, not cross-referencing databases. Jumping back and forth between interfaces is begging for valuable information to be lost in the shuffle. With an effective CRM, you gain centralized access to all points of contact. Each team member will feel instantly confident and prepared for every client interaction. A CRM can be developed for any level of business. As your business grows, the opportunities for dynamic data collection do too.

The Bottom Line

At Internet Systems Group, we are ready and able to help you select the best CRM program for your business. Whether you choose an industry-standard program, our signature Rapidity CRM, or create with us a custom system based on your needs, your business will reach its maximum potential with our expert guidance. Get a quote from us today.

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