About Jim

A Word from Our Founder...

     Hi! I’m Jim Ezzell, founder and CEO of Internet Systems Group, Inc. Internet technology and better business are my passions. I want to help you make your mark in this world with tech that will streamline your logistics and make your life and business flow with ease. 
In addition to my internet technology, coding, and custom software skills, I have helped businesses get the most bang for their buck for over 15 years. 
      My career began in programming in 1993 when I built the hardware and software for a robotics manufacturer. After a few years, I transferred my skills to the healthcare arena, where I installed Dental Software and systems, including cutting-edge digital X-ray machines, all over North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee.
     After years of traveling, I settled down. I decided to take my skill for high-performance code to a managerial level, applying the same logic I set to tech to my position as Director of Operations in the manufacturing sector. After optimizing their operation, I started my first successful company, a computer service firm specializing in on-site service and custom programming in and around the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina. 
     That success brought me further down South to the Sunshine State, where I joined a manufacturer as their Vice President of Operations and Information Technology. In that position, I created a custom MES software solution that ran the company’s operations from end to end (Quote to Order to Engineering to Shipping to Billing, including Inventory Management, Purchasing, and manufacturing). I even designed a few custom fabrication machines and wrote the software to run them. In the end, I doubled the company’s sales from $15 million to $30 million within five years, with a negligible increase in overhead. 
     While there, in addition to creating their custom software, I managed over 125 employees in several departments, including manufacturing, production, engineering, purchasing, shipping, and information technology departments. I helped develop and implement sales procedures and develop and grow their corporate business strategies. This achievement catapulted me into the next phase of my career with a leading banking corporation. 
     Working with a behemoth in the banking sector was a phenomenal experience. The six years I spent with that company were some of my most rewarding. In fact, ten years later, the company is still using the proprietary software I created for them during my tenure.
     Following my success in banking, I worked as a Solutions Architect, building call centers for clients in several verticals. Some call center projects I designed and oversaw during this time include eBay, AirBnB, Oracle, and the University of Phoenix. From there, I ran the Custom Solution practice and the Innovations group at Genesys.
      Then, Covid changed everything. Gone are the days of water cooler talk and hours-long commutes. The businesses were forced to adapt dramatically. Workers had to be remote, and traditional corporate technology was not up to the task. In-house networks needed to be cloud-based, and each employee required high-speed internet. As someone who worked remotely for 10 years with BB&T, PTP, and then Genesys, I am years ahead of the curve regarding the logistics and infrastructure required for these changing times. 
     My business technology and systems architecture career, having touched just about every vertical, makes me specifically qualified to help others on their journey to success. With that knowledge, I created Internet Systems Group in 2015 to support a wider variety of clientele. 
     My goal is to end the gatekeeping that big business has had on internet technology and custom software solutions. I want my skill set to help my local community and business leaders at any stage of their company’s development. Technology can be scary, and you need someone who can explain it to you in a way that makes sense…this is where I come in.
     That brings me to today. I am grateful you have taken the time to see how my experience can grow your business. I look forward to working with you and building better business together.
     – Jim Ezzell, Founder & CEO of Internet Systems Group